There is so much to see in Italy and Europe. Why not head over early or stay after the wedding

Whether you plan to arrive before the wedding or stay after, you should try and see some of the beauty of Italy and the surrounding countries.  Below are some ideas that I can help you with.

Anyone interested in some day trips from the I Vivai Hotel ?
I am thinking about planning some private Day trips from the hotel on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (before cocktail party)

There are several that we can plan.  However, if you are interested you need to contact me and let me know.  I need to have an idea on how many people before I can ask for quotes from Tour Companies about taking us to sites.   If enough people are interested in different sites,  we can do a couple of tours.  If people are there already on Friday, can also plan tours that day.

1. All day trip to Cinque Terre - this area is about 2 hours from the hotel.  This would probably have to be on Saturday, September 14th. I hope to do this tour and will be planning it for Saturday.

2. Half day trip to Pisa.  This could be on several days.  Could do on Friday, Saturday or Sunday morning.

3. Trip to Southern Tuscany 4 to 6 hours.  Visit a town there and a winery and/or olive oil farm. Could do this on Friday, Saturday or Sunday depending.  No more than 6 hours on Friday or Sunday.  

4. Tour of Florence.  For anyone not wanting to take train back in and see the sights.  Could include tour and/or visits to see David Statue and other sites.

5. Tour to one or both of the Ferrari museums and also possibly the Lamborghini museum.  These are all outside of Bologna to the North of where we are staying. 

6.  Other tours.  If you have an idea for something not mentioned here, let me know and I will add here for people to look at as a possible choice.